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How To Anchor A Table In Word 2010


So let's suppose you have textual fields that you need to convert to index entries. The key point is that Word has two ways to position an image: an image can float (which is cool, because you can drag it around the page) or an image Nothing is working. To check whether an object has been anchored: 1. this contact form

Sometimes, rather than setting the base font of the document (or the "Normal" font) to whatever font they want, users will change fonts on blocks of text in sort of random But perhaps you're wondering, where is that darn tag? I think so. For each instance where you have adjacent page numbers, create a bookmark for the range, use that bookmark to create a range-type entry in your index, and then delete your individual

How To Anchor A Table In Word 2010

Certainly it won't assume J and John are the same thing. Staff Online Now crjdriver Moderator Drabdr Moderator TerryNet Moderator valis Moderator DaveA Trusted Advisor Advertisement Tech Support Guy Home Forums > Software & Hardware > Business Applications > Home Forums Forums Thank you so much Darin Newton I've had problems with this quite a bit, only there are no page-breaks in the white space. crjdriver replied Feb 7, 2017 at 11:31 AM Do I have enough power for quad...

Linda Fiorenzano Carvelli Hi, THANK YOU! He sees a horribly messed up flow chart, and I see a nice, clean one. But hey, if it turns out the index IS involved, I'll include something below. Microsoft Word Overlapping Text How to get your images to stand stillManaging pagination (or, avoiding page breaks where you don’t want them)Page (that is, section) bordersSmart ways to to control vertical and horizontal spacing in

In fact if I continue printing back to back every odd page has that strip but not if printed individually, only two sided printing…wait…could it be that the paper is held chris. First, remember that you have to have two {INDEX} tags if you want two indexes. (You'd be surprised how many people think both indexes will happen by themselves.) Simply insert a http://taxonomist.tripod.com/indexing/wordproblems.html Try moving your entries around, especially if they don't appear in "normal paragraphs." For example, if your entries are inside a table, try moving them around within the table, such as

You can toggle (switch on/off) between seeing the {INDEX} code and the index itself by right-clicking on what you see and selecting the "Toggle field codes" option. How To Fix Overlapping Tables In Word Sharon Crommett How can I add a blank page to the end of a pleading - one without the lines, numbers or footer? A second approach is to try to plant the raw code within the XE field, and then do some sort of postprocessing to build them. I've recently converted a document from PDF to Word.

How To Anchor A Table In Word 2013

In other words, the letter that appears when you press the A key will always sort as if it were an A, even if the actual character you see on the https://lawyerist.com/40232/three-microsoft-word-formatting-snafus-solved/ The other person's copy of Word has different settings from yours for font sizes and line spacing. How To Anchor A Table In Word 2010 Share:||| Copyright © LSE 2016 | Page updated 1 Oct 2010 Comment on this page | Freedom of information | About this site | Social media Use of this website How To Anchor A Table In Word 2016 This is helpful if you want them locked to a particular page: Just move the anchor up or down to associate it with text on the page you want it to

If you didn't--you soon will!!! weblink For your sake, don't forget how important this is. You need to get into the habit of not including them. (This is particularly hard for writers, who think you must always have a space after the colon.) Spaces can also It would be treated like the text that it is. Overlapping Tables In Word

Basically, you can't let the {XE} fields that you use to build the index mess up your final pagination. For example, if you have nonnumerical "4, 7, 1, 6, 3" when you should be seeing "2.4, 2.7, 3.1, 5.6, 8.3," your multipart numbers aren't rendering properly. Thanks again. ---Dave My two indexes aren't working together NEW If you're building multiple indexes using the \f flags, but you're only getting one index, then you have one of navigate here Andy Mergendahl A million thanks.

I might add that when I chose my page numbers to put in, I'm not selecting one with a line. How To Stop Tables From Moving In Word Felicity Bedford05 Dec 2016, 22:08 Great tip - worked really well for something that has been bothering me for years and easy to follow! For example, suppose you have a common main entry for "publicity," when you decide that you're better off with a cross reference like "publicity.

I'm going to talk about this in two ways.

If you're a knowledgeable indexer, you know that subentries should be sorted by first important word. These steps adjust the positioning for only a single table, so you'll need to repeat the steps for the other two tables, as well. Just override what's in the XE field with what you need, and see if that solves the problem. Microsoft Word Letters On Top Of Each Other Why does this happen, and how can I fix it?

Then, once the index is visible, right-click on the index and select the Toggle Field Codes option. Have they never heard of HTML anchors?) Consequently, if you are producing documentation in more than one print or print-like format, accept that you'll never be able to work with page In certain languages, there are letters of the alphabet beyond the 26 in English; for example, Spanish considered ll (the double-ell) a letter. his comment is here All those archived index entries are valid entries as far as Word is concerned -- a giant and embarrassing programming bug, in my opinion, given the nature of what tracking changes

Miscellaneous Lawyer I have two common snafus, one of which I have solved, one I haven't. Microsoft Word's functionality for page ranges is abysmal. If you are trying to accomplish this with tags already in your index -- for example, you might have XE fields for a subject index, while you're trying to also create However, with this you have to be on your own, because I've never seen this done successfully.

That means you're going to have to double up if an entry belongs in multiple indexes: {XE "management strategies" \f "subject1"} and {XE "management strategies" \f "subject2"}. There are probably as many formatting snafus as there are Microsoft Word users. Instead, there's something wrong with the placement of the {XE} fields, perhaps because of some document formatting things going on, or with the document template itself. But if you're using values like general and geography, or commands and controls, or answers and affiliations, Word doesn't know the difference because those value pairs start with the same letter.

For example, this is a legitimate XE field: {XE "searching using \"with\:public\" syntax"} and will get you an index entry like searching using "with:public" syntax, 100 If you are having Reillybooks I have a similar issue,but it involves the page numbering. Dave Eccleston Thank you thank you thank you! Uncheck the “border lines” checkbox (and any of these other AutoFormat features that have been bedeviling you lately) and click OK.

So if you want your headings to sort together, under any circumstance, then you need to type them in exactly the same way: spelling, spacing, punctuation, format, and style.